Soooo… You think you want to get married eh?

Deciding to marry is one of the most crucial and life altering decision you will ever make. It is a pledge for life! You must understand that you are committing to Unconditionally share and surrender all that is you—your heart, mind, body, soul, finances, earthly possessions and assets with another person until death

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For better or worse.


Still want to get married?


The only way to truly be able to fulfill this commitment is through the power of God. The Bible outlines specific principles that must be applied. God must be a part of every phase of the relationship from the courtship, to the decision to marry, and finally through the life of the marriage.

So where do you start? Glad you asked! So You Think You Want to Get Married , by Skip and Beverly Little is a resource that provides couples contemplating marriage, a Godly roadmap through the decision making process of taking such a major step. This book is not meant to circumvent or eliminate the need for premarital counseling/coaching—it is intended to compliment and work in tandem with spiritually sound and Godly counsel. As you work your way through these principles you may have some additional questions or want to hear how other couples actually apply these truths.

That is the purpose of this blog– It is a forum for asking questions and sharing experiences.

Please remember that Truth (biblical principles) is truth. Period. The application of these truths is what varies from couple to couple.

So let’s get started!

When I get married are you suggesting that I should be willing to unconditionally give everything forever, for better or for worse?

Does everything really mean EVERYTHING? Shouldn’t I protect myself? What if it doesn’t work and I am left with absolutely nothing? It just doesn’t seem smart to share everything, at least in the beginning of the marriage.

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